About Me

I’m an avid developer and designer, and have been working with web technology and graphic design for over 15 years.

Before I started down my career path in technology and graphic design I was an assistant self defense instructor at a martial arts school in Salem, Oregon, while attending the local community college, before enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2006. After my service I went back to college at Portland State University until I received my Bachelors Degree in Philosophy of Science. I then continued my education and received AAS degrees in Computer Information Systems and Web Development. I’m currently diving into Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Illustration and Watercolor Painting.

I’m an aspiring artist and gaming enthusiast, and currently playing Octopath Traveler and Persona 5.

Jack of All Trades / Master of Some

I previously served as the acting Chief Technology Office for a local digital ad agency in Beaverton, OR before moving over to a fantastic position as a UX/Web Applications Developer at an SMB Google Partner in Lake Oswege, OR.

I have a strong interest in gamification and web analytics, and have developed game inspired applications to better motivate sales teams while breaking up the monotony of their day to day routines. It’s my ongoing goal to find better ways to optimize individual and group productivity in outlets that increase overall moral while decreasing workplace stress.

My Skills

UI/UX: React/VueJS/Angular (JS) + Google Charts/D3/jQuery/JavaScript + HTML5 + CSS3/Bootstrap/Bulma


Graphic Design: Photoshop/GIMP + Illustrator/Inkscape + Aseprite/Spriter + Digital Photography


Video Game Development: Unity 3D (C#) + Phaser.io + Blender/Maya LT + WebGL + Rigging/Animation


Software Development: Laravel/LAMP (PHP) + Google/Bing Ads/HubSpot/Quickbase/EchoSign APIs


Digital Marketing: Google AdWords & Analyitics Certified + Bing Accredited


Productivity Tools: Git + Composer + NPM + Bower + Gulp + JSHint/JS Uglify + Selenium + Express