Geisterkrieg (working title) is a unit based, zombie survival strategy game where you control your units individual placement/movement to maneuver them out of harm and into position where they can do the most damage to the zombie hordes. Part RTS, part tower defense, with a helpful dose of slow motion mechanics, take control of your elite squad to stop this war against the undead!

Unit loadouts will be customizable so you can slay the undead your way! There will be standard rifles, pistols, flame throwers and grenades for the initial demo once it’s ready.

Sneaky Shooty

Sneaky Shooty: Tactical Recruiter (working title) is a sandbox stealth shooter where the goal is to capture talented prospects and force them to work at your marketing agency. 

The initial demo will feature 3rd person controls (with first person precision aiming), simplistic stealth mechanics, driving, and interactability with environment elements.


Valland is a sandbox RPG taking place on a small island whose only inhabitants are a group of assorted adventures and merchants dwelling inside the walls of Loveless Keep, the strangely abundant wildlife, and the endless supply of orcs and monsters which pour from Slaughter Hold. 

Slaughter Hold was the final resting place of a legendary lich sealed at the bottom of the ocean eons ago (buried as deep as can be, the legend goes), but over the generations the ground itself around his tomb has slowly crept up towards the sky, eventually creating the island of Valland.