About Me

I’m an avid developer and designer, and have been working with web technology and graphic design for over 15 years.

Before I started down my career path in technology and graphic design I was an assistant self defense instructor at a martial arts school in Salem, Oregon, while attending Chemeka Community College, before enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2006. After my service I went back to college at Portland State University whereI received my Bachelors Degree in Philosophy of Science. I then continued my education and received AAS degrees in Computer Information Systems and Web Development. I’m currently diving into Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and React/Redux.

I’m an aspiring multiple media artist and craftsman, and just finished building my first Arcade Joy Stick!

My Experience

I previously served as the Web Department Manager for a local digital ad agency before moving over to a fantastic position as a Web Applications Developer at an SMB Google Partner.

Since then I branched out into Digital Marketing Consultation and have worked with clients directly to fulfill all of their digital marketing needs. Though my heart is still deeply rooted in Design/Development and I am currently advancing my career in UI/UX design and Application development.

My Skills

UI/UX: React/VueJS/Angular (JS) + JavaScript/jQuery + HTML5 + CSS3/Bootstrap


Graphic Design: Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign + Aseprite + Digital Photography


Video Game Development: Unity 3D (C#) + Blender + WebGL + Rigging/Animation


Software Development: Laravel/LAMP (PHP) + Google/Bing Ads/HubSpot/Quickbase APIs


Productivity Tools: Git + Composer + NPM + Bower + Gulp + JSHint/JS Uglify + Selenium


Digital Marketing: Google AdWords & Analyitics Certified + Bing Accredited