Graphic Design

As an artist I never made very much headway with pen and paper until recently. I always felt that there were ways that I could have done something better a second time around, or wished I could redo just a single part of an illustration, but in graphic design I don’t have those concerns because I can always just edit or add a single layer, and just press a couple of buttons to undo any stroke or fill that I made that I didn’t like. This process has allowed me the freedom to throw myself into a project without worrying about making mistakes, which has opened up new horizons for me.

Character Creation

As a game developer, one of my favorite things is to make a character come to life. There is something magical about being able to add some eyes and a mouth to just about anything and to turn it into a character. Currently I’m working on getting familiar animating 2D characters.

Scenic Illustrations

I love building scenes and creating unique environments, both in 2D and 3D. Much like building and designing characters, the environment a character lives in or explores says a lot about the character and the story they are in. Either whimsy or dread can be portrayed almost entirely by the use of colors; a bright saturated palette can make a scene look playful and cartoonish, while a dark monochrome palette can make a scene look much more serious and sinister.